Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd

BCBL Training Institute


February 28, 2020 05:40:31 pm

TT-Clean 83.5000 TK
BC-Selling: 84.4500 TK
OD-Sight: 83.3000 TK
TT-Selling: 84.5000 TK
TT-Clean: 91.7317 TK
BC-Selling: 96.2317 TK
OD-Sight 91.5085 TK
TT-Clean: 103.7543 TK
BC-Selling: 108.2543 TK

103.5000 TK


Training is very important for employee’s performance in acquiring competencies and help organization to retain its employees through satisfaction and motivation. Globally day by day the world is modernizing and moving rapidly which is creating many challenges for the organizations. Training can overcome and make an employee’s capabilities more efficient which also contributes in the efficiency of the company.

Bangladesh Commerce Bank training institute since its establishment in 1988 is playing a significant role in enhancing the capabilities of Human Resources to face the challenges of globalization as well as to carry out the day to day business operations smoothly, efficiently and promptly.

BCBL training institute is fully equipped with a professional library, modern training aids and professional faculties. Library has different books on banking, economy, accounting, management, marketing and other related subjects.Main training activities consists of in-depth foundation programs for entry level Trainees.  Specialized training programs in the areas like general banking, advance, foreign exchange, information technology, marketing and accounts etc. are also organized by the Academy depending on need.

Frequently outreach programs are also organized to meet the demand for new and specialized skills. Since its inception academy has not only conducted courses, workshops and seminars as required by the Bank.

The academy also re-design its courses, programs etc, regularly to meet the requirement of new skills arising out of various directives, guidelines of the Central Bank and significant changes in the banking sector from time to time.

BCBL training institute arranges time to time different workshop that encourages the learning, thinking and creativity. Workshops  areas: Green Banking, CTR & STR system, IRG for Investment, General Banking operation, Investment Classification, Provisioning system & re-scheduling, Leadership in banks, SME, ALM, Behavior & Work Environment, Corporate governance, Cash management, CRM, Executive development programs, CL-CIB, SBS 1, 2 & 3, Ethics in Banking, Etiquette & Manner in banks, E-learning, E-commerce, E-banking, HRM ICT related & others.