Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd

Corporate milestones


February 28, 2020 06:17:52 pm

TT-Clean 83.5000 TK
BC-Selling: 84.4500 TK
OD-Sight: 83.3000 TK
TT-Selling: 84.5000 TK
TT-Clean: 91.7317 TK
BC-Selling: 96.2317 TK
OD-Sight 91.5085 TK
TT-Clean: 103.7543 TK
BC-Selling: 108.2543 TK

103.5000 TK


Date Events
08.02.1998 First ever board of BCBL directors been formed 
01.06.1998 Incorporated as public limited company under the company act 1994, Banking Companies act 1991 and in accordance with the act no. 12 of 1997
06.09.1999 Banks has started it's operation with 24 branches around the country.
16.11.2002 25th Branch opened in Comilla
28.04.2011 BCB relocated its Corporate Office from Taranga Complex to 52-53 Dilkusha C/A, Eunoos Trade Centre, Level-22.
25.05.2011 BCB launched "BCB Credit Card"
27.09.2011 26th Branch opened in Seedstore
20.10.2011 27th Branch opened in Uttara
30.11.2011 28th Branch opened in Feni
07.12.2011 29th Branch opened in Bijoynagar
15.12.2011 30th Branch opened in Muradpur
28.03.2012 BCB launched Mobile Banking (Mobile Financial Services)
30.07.2012 31st Branch opened in Mandaribazar
27.08.2012 32nd Branch opened in Bandura 
06.09.2012 33rd Branch opened in Jashor 
17.09.2012 34th Branch opened in Dinajpur 
14.11.2012 35th Branch opened in Paltan as Foreign Exchange Branch
03.12.2012 36th Branch opened in Juri 
17.12.2012 37th Branch opened in Savar 
24.12.2012 38th Branch opened in Batajore
30.06.2013 39th Branch opened in Progati Soroni 
04.07.2013 40th Branch opened in Kapilmuni
05.12.2013 41th Branch opened in Borishal
15.12.2013 42th Branch opened in Kathgora
05.05.2014 BCBL establish Central Trade Processing Unit (CTPU) to expand International Trade Financing in it's Non-AD Branches.